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Color map on back cover of lake.

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Signed by Author s. A nice informative page illustrated soft cover book about Sanibel Island, Florida where the author George Campbell made his home after many years of traveling. His training in zoology and botany helped in his concern with conservation of nature and natural resources. The author describes and discusses with detail and passion for the wildlife on his island. From the river otters, panthers, alligators, rabbits, birds, turtles, osprey, snakes and the sea animals: Nicely done black and white sketches of the animals and plants along with photos of some of the animals and of George Campbell himself.

Map on front end board of Sanibel Island. Clearly states first edition on copyright page.

Signed by him on front end page. Very light tanning to fly edging and some light edge wear. Previous owner's name inside top front.. Jonathan David Publishers, Inc. An interesting page pictorial hard cover book about the white oak tree, rooted in antiquity, whose limbs have reached upward and outward in worship of the sun for eons.

Found in more places and exists in greater numbers than any of its peers and clings more tenaciously to life than any of them. Very good brown cover boards with some rubbing to edgings. A real nice clean unmarked page book on fishing in Oregon. Tells you where to go, what to bring, how to get there and what you will need. Has 63 maps and coverage of Oregon's remote waters along with even more pictures.. College Station, Texas, U. Fine dust jacket also. Inscribed and signed by the author, " Glen, Glad to know you enjoyed the book, hope you get a chance to experience some of the trail.

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  • Wild Moments: Reveling in Natures Signs, Songs, Cycles, and Curious Creatures.
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Of course, the Westerners respond only with hoots and hollers. An expensively-produced ensemble number is only as good as its gimmick, and in the highlight scene from his universally acclaimed Bollywood romance, director Yash Chopra has two.

Anyone can stage a combination in the pouring rain, but it takes an uncommon inspiration to do so while sending half of the chorus girls sailing through the air on swings. The intersection of creative audacity and boatloads of money led to Babylonian displays of decadence such as this, in which Viren Anil Kapoor gets an eyeful of the lovely Pallavi Sridevi while getting the lay of the land around his new town in Rajasthan. The bit in Hail, Caesar!

To this day, scientists cannot explain how a platform fringed with fully ignited sparklers could emerge un-doused from the water.

Wild Moments Reveling In Nature's Signs, Songs, Cycles, And Curious Creatures. ISBN:

The musicals of Jacques Demy are cinematic dark chocolates, lovingly made confections that start sweet and end on a bitter note. For now, a cute boy and a sunny day will be more than enough. Halfway through a bizarre Bush-era satire in which director J. Just relax and lose your mind. Having dispatched the Wicked Witch Mabel King and completed the odyssey from Harlem to the gleaming Emerald City of downtown Manhattan, intrepid Dorothy Diana Ross frees the Winkies from their sewing-machine slave labor in a loaded gesture of liberationism.

The urban utopia only gains in potency for its straightforwardness, sticking a tableau of black excellence right in the blockbuster mainstream where everyone can see it. Songwriter Luther Vandross and music supervisor Quincy Jones wanted to leave audiences with a swell of hope for a brighter future.

The 50 Greatest Movie Dance Scenes of All Time

For the duration of this song, however, heaven feels a little closer to Earth. Women confound and bedevil Guido in every avenue of his adult life, and so he pines for the simplicity of these younger years, before the fairer sex started sharing their opinions and having feelings and demanding things of him.

Saraghina appeared to these boys at a point when they could afford to be immature and revel in that immaturity — a luxury that the put-upon Guido sorely misses. The most recent entry on this list is also the most recent U. Go ahead, take a good look. As Queen Katrina, a part-time go-go girl and full-time vampire working for tips at a run-down strip joint, Grace Jones is here to be seen.

Adorned with a network of hand-doodled designs courtesy of Keith Haring, she makes for a particularly exquisite object to be leered at by a trio of randy college kids. She enacts the timeless seduce-and-ensnare with an otherworldly finesse, white pancake makeup and an orange fright wig rendering her more of an alien than a monster. This is high-stakes dance, the fearless pros putting Cirque du Soleil to shame as they flip, lift, throw, and catch one another, always one slight error away from a snapped neck or a crushed ankle.

Inexhaustible even when squeezed into a French maid getup, Manning looks like she could very well jump out of her skin. He positively glides through this deconstructive film noir fantasia, suitably inhabiting the gumshoe archetype while simultaneously letting all the hot air out of it. Astaire had internalized the concept of dancing as acting; in the clip above, he plays off of his own voice-over, telegraphing a cogent series of expressions without missing a single beat.

He dutifully goes through the motions of the slasher villain, laying the trap and adhering to his ritual.

Wikiquote:Quote of the Day

Note that he has to pop a couple pills before he can work up the mojo to kill. Best of all, he made it look so damned easy. Hey, kids, you too can get in on the dance craze sweeping the nation! No worries if he gets himself in hot water with a grumpy gang of bikers after domino-knocking their hogs over, plain friendliness and the universal language of music will save his bacon.

Seasons of Thoreau

He defuses the situation by being himself — making a party out of any room he happens to be in and extending an open invitation to all who are present. Just how seriously does writer-director Jared Hess want us to take Napoleon Dynamite, milk connoisseur and friend to llama-kind?

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Plus, those moon boots are must-haves. This sequel took the splendorous body-worship of the first installment and ran with it, all the way to a hedonistic Avalon governed only by the pleasure principle. Frances did it, Marty did it, but Alex did it first. Director Leos Carax visualized the epitome of youth in revolt by sending a wiry Denis Levant on a sprint down the rue of his futuristic, disease-ravaged Paris. At first doubling over in apparent agony, Alex then breaks into a mad dash going nowhere in particular, the perfect analogue for a punk bursting with vitality and utterly devoid of direction.

His destination makes no difference, at least not to him.

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He just needs to get all the excess energy out of his system. The prestidigitation of Quentin Tarantino is to render cool that which was previously uncool: novelty restaurants, the Watusi, John Travolta. He works his sorceries on a chronological basis, resurrecting long-since-expired pop-cultural cachet by returning his characters and audience to the heyday of the entity in question. Tarantino tapped Travolta with recollections of Saturday Night Fever fresh in his mind, certain that the capacity for greatness had not fled the actor, and he returned the favor by delivering the goods. The slickster audiences knew and loved inhabited Vincent Vega as a specter possesses a vessel, a potent hit of nostalgia emanating from the baggage his celebrity persona brought with it.

All of West Side Story quivers with the potential for tragedy, and at the dance requiring the Puerto Rican and Anglo-American factions to coexist on the dance floor, the powder keg nearly combusts. Choreographer Jerome Robbins essentially invents the street break-dance battle 20 years ahead of schedule with the face-off between the Jets and Sharks, the groups trading bar segments instead of blows.

Amidst the chaos, our Romeo and Juliet Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood single one another out and share the special kind of privacy one can only find in a crowd of hectic dancers.

But even as partial-focus photography relegates their rival posses to the background, the coiled-spring tension between them persists, their fragile ecosystem teetering on the brink of all-out war. True, but the next best thing to going out on an expedition with Ted Williams has to be reading his words. They alert us to what we probably missed today and will send us outdoors tomorrow better prepared to open our eyes and see. Wild Moments. Summer Art sellers , items Shop.

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