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Marketing Attitude.

Strengthen the relationship with your students with the Career Center by JobTeaser

Tendances Com'. Chroniques From Paris. Hutch Hot-Dogs House. Blog les tribulations d'une marseillaise ordinaire. Marseille en live! One Heart. Marketing de la Marque. Paris des parents. Attitude Marketing. Journal Ventilo. Secrets of Paris. Le Citadingue. Information about Page Insights Data. See More. Her words are simple, direct and therefore universal. The powerful and original fusion between the Caribbean voodoo melodies and rhythms, and the 70's US blues rock; the shock between Moonlight's powerful and rebellious voice and the tension of saturated guitars In , 12 years after she began her music career and after 2 albums, Moonlight Benjamin releases a new personal project and a third album, "Siltane".

Moonlight Benjamin real name [pronounce her family like the male first name Benjamin] , is born in in Haiti and grew up in an protestant orphanage, learning how to sing at church. But quickly she left Church songs and gospel to a more personal musical frame. She says : "I had a desire for music and after a few years in a Protestant orphanage, I felt the need to go to meet my original culture.

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The practice of singing in church was not enough for me anymore. I felt away from my culture and I had to confront myself, meet the strength of the earth, the strength of my country, this age-old strength that makes Haiti. Welcomed in France in to perfect her musical training, Moonlight Benjamin's first projects merged when she encountered with musicians from Toulouse. Not afraid to experiment and not shackled by what is considered mainstream, she holds soul and fire of all Haitian people. She represents her country with imaginable style by putting her voice on her own concerned lyrics or lyrics from famous haitien writers.

Moonlight Benjamin is a culmination of all of your favourites from the heart of a woman who shares his culture with the rest of the world with her voice.

Colloque "Animal Politique" du 2 juin à l'Assemblée Nationale - Table ronde #1

She offers with her new album "Siltane" a journey along a revisited blues rock version of an authentic Creole culture which has a history of struggle for its recognition although it was the first "Black Republic" ever established in the world. Haiti began its modern wandering as a colony of France, at the time it was called Santo Domingo.

We remember Louis XIV and the prestigious Enlightenment, but who remembers the source of the economic wealth of the time, who remembers the enslavement and beatings. A great wealth of the Haitian people is the knowledge of human dignity in its most essential dimension. To have lost it and to have had to fight like a beast to find it, the Haitian people know the value. Paradoxically it is from France that came the egalitarian ideals of France's human rights which was reluctant to apply to his wallet.

In , Haiti was the first black republic in the world and its pride is immense. Santo Domingo was renamed Haiti the name given to the island by its first occupants, the Indians Arawaks Tainos, meaning "high land" or "mountainous island". Even today, Haiti needs help to get rid of vampirizing and corrupt power. Even today, Haiti is poor and its children are hungry. The misery, the economic and political corruption that they come from Haiti or the rich countries are permanent dangers for the culture and the social peace of the country; yet nothing will change in the South without the citizens of the North and their clarity.

Moonlight talks the Voodoo The rhythm, the first power in the world, awakens and passes through when the drums roar, turn the dancers.

The rhythm by which men and gods communicate is the sense, the rhythm, through which spirits descend into humans, take possession of them, liberate them, and protect them. In the rumble of the drums, the loas the spirits awake, which by the dance and the rhythm overlap the men, because they are above all gods dancers In front of the vacuum left by the wrenching of the original earth, slaves had to find a common language, to redefine itself as a homogeneous group; and that is why in Haiti there was the only successful slave revolt in the world: All the rituals merged into one religion, which remains for the Haitian people the most powerful unit, facing the common misfortune: voodoo.

Voodoo rhythms and songs are like the umbilical cord that connects the western part of the island of Haiti to the womb of its people, Africa. Before the Creole language, it is the artistic and ritual expression that will become the cement of this new nation A common love for the richness of pentatonic sounds, and shared migration experiences, expanded the conversation to include Armenian — American oud player Haig Manouki- an a french born Togo raised bass player Mawuena Kodjovi.

It also went on to be selected by the prestigious Fact magazine as one of the best remix albums of Unfortunately that year also marked the passing of founding member Haig Manoukian from this world into the next.


Taking his place is the brilliant oudist, and former student of Hiag, Brandon Terzic. In addition we have also grown to include the charismatic and talented vocalist Nahid as a full time member of the band now. Since their first show in october of , the group has performed nationally and internationally at many prestigious festivals and venues. With audiences varying in age and ethnicity, the Nubatones has proven over and over that soul crosses all cultural and linguistic barriers.

From an early age, his love for music was obvious, influenced by his father, Cuban musician Arturito Martinez. Juan soaked up everything, from Cuban son to guaguanco, Mozambique, salsa, and many more rhythms of Cuban and Guatemalan popular music. In the 90s, he was an active participant in the "Rock Chapin" movement in his hometown of Xela, Guatemala. Together with a group of young artists, musicians, painters, and poets, he experimented with different rock bands and made his first national tours playing in bazaars, parks, and local dance saloons.

Eager to see the world, Nativo began travelling at age 15, going to Europe for the first time. That journey continued to the distant lands of India, where backpackers introduced him to reggae, which now is part of his essence. Upon his return at the age of 18,, he started recording music with his sister Adriana. Then, inspired to further explore his fascination with Cuban music, he moved to Havana where he was able to study with the master Palillo. In , Doctor Nativo moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he became a popular street artist performing to huge crowds.


Download e-book Paris der Liebe wegen (German Edition)

These experiences opened doors to performing at festivals in Spain, France, Switzerland, Holland and Germany, where he was able to share the stage with artists such as Manu Chao, Ojos de Brujo, Macaco, as well as appear in numerous TV, radio, newspapers articles. In he met the Belizean music producer Ivan Duran, and they began working on a new album, Guatemaya, that will bring his Mayan reggae cumbia sound to the world. It was released on September 15, , Guatemalan independence day. Doctor Nativo sortira son premier album Guatemaya le 15 septembre sur Stonetree Records.

Mdou Moctar hails from a small village in the Azawagh desert of Niger, a remote region steeped in religious tradition. As a child, he taught himself to play the a homemade guitars, cobbled together out of planks of wood. In an area where guitar music was all but prohibited, he quickly rose to the status of local celebrity amongst the village youth.

In the past years, Tuareg rock music has gotten faster. There is a preference for this new style, both in the raucous weddings of Agadez and in Berlin rock clubs. The wavering guitar solos, rapid fire drums and heavy distortion has become characteristic of the contemporary sound. Mdou takes on this challenge, but with an ear towards tradition. From underground star of Niger to international film star, Mdou Moctar has undoubtedly one of the quickest rises to success. Though most of the lyrics are in French or in Chiac New Brunswick's regional slang , they are able to jump over the limits set by language, by their own brand of music, the excellence of the musicians and their strong stage performance.

Created in Yeah! Driven by a military rock, this fourth album has been in the works, probably since their first jam, many years ago. They have showcased and toured all over Canada, in France, in Belgium and in Switzerland. With about shows under the belt, 9 Europeen tours, a little hop in Louisiana, an Australian tour, they are ready to bring their own brand of music and fun all over. He is a consummate showman and shaman, bending successive moments to suit his majestic purposes. Osborne seeks an epic quality to much of his music, crafting layer upon layer of hugely scaled soundscapes.

He is among the most original and visionary musicians writing and performing today. His sounds and engineering style is that of classic records, with his own special sauce of 'haunting' on top of it. The musicians on here are undoubtedly some of my absolute favorites in the world, both as players and as people.

Their contributions are invaluable. Bad boys! I've been wanting to make this record for several years and I am stoked it's finally here. Through languid, gently formed figures, Osborne coaxes odes of gratitude and compelling imagery in what seems a little like a travelogue — like watching his kid chasing seabirds on the beach Osborne has earned hordes of new fans. Since his recording debut in , Osborne has written virtually all of his own material and contributed memorable songs to a wide variety of artists. His songs have appeared in multiple feature films.

From the day they started, they have gone from strength to strength.

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Never before in Cajun music has a comparable wealth of skills been brought to the same table. The two knew that they needed to record more together. I told myself in that moment, that before I die, I wanted to record with him. Who is this?

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Jermaine Prejean. I met Derek Huston at a festival in Rhode Island. While in a van, on day 17 of a day tour, I typed a group text, said a little prayer, and pressed send. I chose songs that I wanted to dance to, and that had some kind of tie to Louisiana and to me. Bobby Charles, a native of Abbeville, Louisiana and a staple at Dockside studios, wrote several songs I selected.

The session itself was magic. There were no rehearsals. This collaboration of musicians had never played together before, yet pretty much the first take of each song was a keeper!